Tagging Guidelines

  • Consignors must print their own tags.  Tags must be printed on WHITE cardstock in order to scan properly. Because cardstock is thicker, it will also withstand a lot of browsing!  White cardstock can be found at any craft or office supply store.   Tags may NOT be printed on regular paper or cardstock of any color other than white.  

  • The image to the left shows what the tags look like when they are printed.   There will be 6 tags per page.  This format makes it easy to see if you want your item discounted during our half price sale on Saturday or donated after the sale has closed.  


  • Tags from sales other than the Bradford Heights Outgrown Sale are not accepted (even if another sale uses the same system).  This is simply because the UPC codes contain different information for each sale (including different consignor numbers, custom parameters that are set up for the Bradford Heights Outgrown Sale, etc).  All consignors must register through the Bradford Heights Outgrown Sale registration system and print tags through this system.  Items with non-compliant tags will be pulled off the floor and will not be sold.  
  • Tagging Clothing:  ​

a.    CLOTHING MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE SALE ON HANGERS.  Hangers are not provided by the sale. (Plastic hangers are usually available for free at Old Navy or Kohls).  Clothing on WIRE HANGERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED because wire hangers often become tangled and because clothing tends to slide off of wire hangers.


b.    Having all clothing hanging the same direction will increase sales by making the clothing easier to be looked at by shoppers.   Please HANG CLOTHING so that the FRONT OF THE ITEM IS DISPLAYED WITH THE HANGER'S HOOK OPEN TO THE LEFT.   (Please refer to the image on the right to see the correct hanger direction.)


c.    TAGS MUST BE PINNED ON THE FRONT OF CLOTHING IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER. This makes checkout faster, and it makes your clothing much easier to be looked at by shoppers.  (Please refer to the image on the right to see the correct tag placement.)


d.   Please attach tags to clothing with a safety pin.  This helps to prevent tags from falling off of clothing items.  Pins can be placed at a clothing seam, if possible.  Please do not attach pins on size tags inside the clothing, as this makes it more difficult for shoppers to view the item's size & price.


  • Tagging All Other Items (Accessories, Books, Toys, Etc.)

a.    Use safety pins to secure a tag to an item whenever possible.


b.    If using tape to secure a tag to an item, please make sure that only the top part of the tag is taped onto your item.  The bottom part of the tag should be free and clear of any tape so that the tag can be cut off when the item is sold.  Clear packing tape is best. Please do not use staples or paperclips to secure a tag.

c.    If you are using a bag to hold an item(s), the tag must be secured on the OUTSIDE of the bag.  


  • Because we are unable to create a tag for an item that has lost its tag during the sale, please make sure that your tags are secure on your items!  During the sale, our volunteers will attempt to match up an item that has lost its tag with the original tag provided.   In the event that our volunteers cannot match a lost tag with an item, the tagless item will be removed from the sale and placed in a pile to be sorted through at pick-up. 

  • IMPORTANT: If you change the price of an item, you MUST reprint the tag to show the new price.  ITEMS WILL SELL FOR THE PRICE PRINTED ON THE TAG. 


  • If you have unsold items from a previous season’s sale, you MUST transfer those items over to this season’s sale.  This is done by making the unsold items "active" for this sale in the consignor sale system.  Items DO NOT automatically transfer from sale to sale. 
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