Pay Day!

Per the Consignor Agreement, you will earn 70% of your net sales.  The $5 Registration Fee will be deducted from your proceeds after the sale.  (There is also a $25 fee deducted from the proceeds for those consignors who do not sign up to volunteer for shift.  Additionally, there is a $10 fee for not showing up or not completing a scheduled sale shift.)  Your payout check will reflect the adjusted amount.


All checks will be mailed out within 2 weeks from the close of the sale.  For the 2022 Fall/Winter Sale, checks will be mailed out by Saturday, October 29, 2022.


If you have not received your check in the mail, please allow at least 4 weeks to pass.  Then contact us at to request the check to be reissued.  Please note that checks are unable to be reissued before that time.

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